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    Web API Data Extraction

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      I am using the Toolbox WebAPI to extract data.  I have everything working correctly from the updated guidance and most calls work fine.  However, whenever there is a "/" in the endpoint tree the call will return a 404 error.  I think it is something to do with how the / is encoded in the URL request.  I have tried the standard %2F but it does not work.


      For example this request returns a 404:



      If anyone has a suggestion that would be appreciated.




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          Hi Matt,


          I'm Stanislav and am part of the QSAR Toolbox development team.


          Thank you for the provided feedback. We managed to reproduce the issue that you are having. Unfortunately, it is not a matter of how you encode the slash. To resolve the problem, we'll need to update the API and turn the <position> field into a query parameter. This fix will be included in the next release.