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    Creating new QSAR models in TB v.4.3 with central server installation using multi-user mode

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      Dear colleagues,


      I just tried to create a new QSAR model in TB 4.3, (via (Q)SAR --> New in the Data Gap Filling Section), but I am told "Cannot create a (Q)SAR model when the server is run in Multi User mode.


      In our institute the TB server is installed centrally in order to reduce  disk space required on the individual users' computers. Obviously it is one of the main ideas behind a server installation to allow multiple users access at the same time,  so effectively the above messageessentially means: no new or imported QSAR models for people working on a central server, which would mean a substantial reduction of functionality.


      I wonder if this is a bug? If it is intentional, I suggest that this will be changed in future versions of the TB.


      Thanks and kind regards,