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    how to hide entries from the endpoint tree list?

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      i have installed Toolbox version 4.2. In the endpoint tree list of the data matrix are a lot of entries that are not of interest for me

      (e.g. all Biodegradation and Hydrolysis and Ionization entries under General Mechanistic).

      Is there an option how to hide these entries (permanently) ?


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          Dear Stefan,


          There is not an option to delete permanently the endpoint tree levels which are not of interest to you. However, a new filter option for customizing data matrix is available in TB v.4.2. The filter allows you to remove all information which is not needed at the current moment (i.e. filtering is for the current document, only).


          In order to customize your data matrix, you should click the Manual filtering icon (1) (Figure 1). Window with the endpoint tree organization appears and you can select only the nodes which you want to see. Once the nodes are selected just confirm by OK (2)

          Figure 1



          Kind regards,