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    QSAR Toolbox 4.2 server doesn't run the Windows Service

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      I'm IT Admin. Research group of my comapny Told me to create a server to deploy QSAR toolbox. I used all the isntruccions following the Toolbox 4.2 Installation Manual.

      And the problem is that the Windows service is in automatic mode with admin credentials and doesn't works. It's stop and Automatic by default., then the clients can't run the application.



      There is an issue with: 'QSAR Toolbox Support Team' <toolbox.support@oasis-lmc.org> called "Problem with QSAR toolvox service". I am waiting support since some weeks and there is no answer from Support team.

      Last one was:


      Could you send me this file from your Toolbox Installation:

      E:\Program Files (x86)\QSAR Toolbox\QSAR Toolbox 4.2\Toolbox Server\Bin\ToolboxServerWindowsSvc.exe.Config 


      I did And I have not received an answer.