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    Something to say about public sector innovation?

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      Innovating the Public Sector - OECD

      This is an open space to share experiences and research on public sector innovation, in particular with regards to our upcoming conference.

      • Do you want to share your latest piece of research?
      • Will you speek at the conference and would like to provide background information to your speech?
      • Are you going to hold an innovation talk at the conference and would like to share your preparatory materials?

      All ideas are welcome! We are also interested to learn more about your expectations about the conference....

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          Really looking forward to the conference and connecting with likeminded peers from different countries!


          There was an interesting report recently released by the IBM Center for the Business of Government recently which might be of interest to participants - "A Guide for Making Innovation Offices Work". "In this report, Burstein and Black examine the recent trend toward the creation of innovation offices across the nation at all levels of government to understand the structural models now being used to stimulate innovation—both internally within an agency, and externally for the agency’s partners and communities."

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