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    Error on importing IUCLID5 data to the QSAR Toolbox

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      Hi All,


      Trying to import the IUCLID5 data into the QSAR Toolbox, via WebServices, according to the procedure well explained in the User manualall works well (connection included) until I click on the Get All Substances button.

      At this step, instead to retrieve the list of my substances, I obtain the following error message:


      Missing required attribute "{http://echa.europa.eu/schemas/iuclid5/i5webservice/types/}reliablePKOnly" (line -1, col -1, in SOAP-message)


      toolbox error.jpg

      Client side

      Windows XP SP3 - QSAR toolbox v2.1.2.865 full updated


      Server side

      Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 - IUCLID 5.3, together with all the updated plugins, on Apache Tomcat 6.0.26 - WebServices rel. 2011-04-12


      I am skilled on informatics, but not enough to solve this problem. Could you help me, please?

      Thanks in advance.


        • Error on importing IUCLID5 data to the QSAR Toolbox
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          Dear Carlo Corti,


          Thank you for your detailed explanation.


          IUCLID 5.3 is not yet supported by the QSAR Toolbox and that's why you get the error message. Support for IUCLID 5.3 will be added in version 3.0 of the Toolbox. By then, there are several options which you can try to transfer your IUCLID data into the Toolbox


          1) Export to i5z's and then use the Toolbox batch import (which will be available as of version 2.2 of the Toolbox)

          2) Transfer your IUCLID data to a IUCLID 5.2 server and then use the Toolbox WebServices wizard (as you did)

          3) (hypothesis, untested) You may try running IUCLID 5.3 but with an older version of the WebServices module (if you have one from a previous setup).


          I'll be following the topic in case you have further questions.