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    What happened to the link to eChemPortal ?

    Bob DIDERICH Apprentice

      In version 1.1 of the Toolbox there was a convenient link to eChemportal in the data tree. This link sent the CAS number to eChemPortal and launched a query.


      This was very convenient to find out if there are any data available which are not yet integrated into the Toolbox.


      This link seems to have disappeared in version 2 or 2.1 of the Toolbox.


      This functionality is still available in version 2.1.


      Place your cursor over the CAS-Number field in the Data-Matrix and perform a right-click. Then select the option "Search by CAS in eChemPortal". See attached screenshot.


      The same works with the name of the chemical.


      Try it out !


      Best regards




      Note: There was a bug in this functionality and has been corrected in version 2.10.27.