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    Have you ever taken part in a PISA test?

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      What do you think about comparisons with students in other countries? Were you surprised about how some of the other students in other countries did in PISA 2009? If you took a PISA test, did you find it easy, moderately difficult or difficult? Tell us about your experience taking a PISA test and what you think about it.

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          I send a greeting, I hope are good, as far as the question involved in theevaluation to Pisa? Never answer, I live in Mexico, and how lonely andparticipated in the assessment "Test Link" that applied two times per school.I would like to participate in PISA assessment, to better understand theassessment criteria for me would be a real satisfaction, I leave my mailItzcoatlgarsas@hotmail.com

          Prof.. Garcia Sastre Itzcoatl
          Les mando un saludo, espero estén bien, en cuanto a la pregunta ¿A participado en la evaluación Pisa? Responderé nunca, vivo en México,  y lo solo e participado en la evaluación "Prueba Enlace" que aplican dos ocasiones por ciclo escolar. Me agradaría participar en una evaluación PISA, conocer mejor los criterios de evaluación, para mi sería una verdadera satisfacción, Os dejo mi Correo Itzcoatlgarsas@hotmail.com
          Profr. Itzcóatl García Sastré