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    Bulk IUCLID Import via Webservice

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      Hi All,


      This is a question for those of you who use IUCLID and the Toolbox.  We currently have an internal IUCLID (v5.3) database running on a server that we have populated with many substance records.  It seems that bulk import of data from IUCLID via webservice is limited to 2000 substances or less.  Is this a known technical limitation or are we potentially doing something wrong?


      Any other suggestions on how to routinely get our large IUCLID data set into the Toolbox?  I5z files could be an option but is there anything that we could do that is less tedious?




        • Bulk IUCLID Import via Webservice
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          There is currently no limit set on the number of substances that can be imported in the Toolbox via the IUCLID5 WebServices module. If  you've indeed encountered such restriction we would need some more information in order to resolve this case. More specifically,we need to know at which step exactly does this limit appear - do you only see 2000 entries in the list of available substances or do you see more but fail to download all of them? In the first case, this may be due to some restrictionin the IUCLID5 WebServices QueryEngine.