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    Proprietary Central Database Importation Excel File

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      Hi Bob et al,


      Please find attached as promised at the OECD (Q)SAR Toolbox Workshop a MS Excel file which contains the column headers currently used at Givaudan for our central database.


      This file also contains drop down lists in certain cells (scale/endpoint etc) to help in the correct selection of the expected terms/results. In addition, the “Test organisms (species)” column also contains all the specific species I could find already included within the Toolbox (157 so far).


      All the data included in the drop down lists is located within the range GX2-HM260. When using this template, do not delete whole rows of information within the first 260 rows as you will delete information from the drop down lists. Unfortunately drop down lists do not work between worksheet (unless anyone can advise otherwise).


      If you wish you can hide this text by clicking on the macro buttons in cell GW1 (W-white text, B – Black text).


      I have populated some of the “Physical Chemical Properties”, “Human Health Hazards” and “Environmental Fate and transport” for ease. Please include your own specific CAS, Chemical Name/Smiles code to enter this data into the toolbox. There are currently 34 columns worth of information included which is required for the different endpoints. I would be very happy to hear if you think additional headings are required as I expect this to increase the more study endpoints and data we all enter. I have not included specific tissue information into this database.


      This database has been setup for the horizontal import method.

      I hope this is useful to those parties interested in setting up their own databases.


      I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

      Best regards