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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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      Q. How do I search for information?


      A. You can search for information by

    • Search
    • Search by Tag (select a theme in the tag cloud)
    • Documents Tab



      Q. How do I start a discussion?


      A. You can start a discussion on any page that has the "Start a discussion" link on the it, or use the main discussion board. Click on the “Discussion” button on the horizontal navigation bar. On the page, find the “Action” box by scrolling down the right side of the page and click on “Start a Discussion.” You can give the discussion a headline in the top bar. At the bottom of your comment, we suggest you enter a “Tag” to better identify the theme you are discussing and make it easier for others to find your entry.


      Q. How can I be notified when a page has changed or new information has been added?


      A. Click "Receive email notifications" in the Action box on any page for which you want to receive notifications/updates. When you want to stop receiving notifications, simply click "Stop email notifications" in the same Action box on the page.


      Q. How can I view my discussions, documents, etc?


      A. In the upper left hand corner you will see your login name. Click on it to view your profile and then click the “My Stuff” tab for a list of all your discussions, documents, etc.


      Q. How can I create/edit my profile?


      A. Your profile is already created, but you are welcome to edit it and improve it, even adding a picture. Click on your name in the upper left of the screen, then click "Edit profile" on the right.


      Q. Where can I make a comment on this website?


      A. You can make a general comment by replying to this discussion. You can also e-mail us directly at: educationtoday@oecd.org