Poverty hits South African children

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    Poverty hits SA children

    26 February 2010


    A new OECD working paper on trends in poverty and income inequality in South Africa has found that more than half of all South Africans (54%) are poor but, among children below 10, as many as two out of three are poor.

    "This implies that among all poor South Africans, one in three is a child," said the OECD in the report that was released on Thursday.


    These high values are based on the national poverty line of 515 rand a month, or about US$ 4 a day, which is used for national policy making.

    International comparisons of lower-income countries often use the World Bank poverty line which is US$2 a day.


    Under this lower line, the aggregate poverty rate in South Africa is 30% but if the standard OECD poverty line, which is below half the average income, the poverty rate is 26%.


    "That said, under all poverty thresholds, younger children have a disproportionally high risk," said the OECD.


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