Discussion posted by Rob Harriman: Measurement and Evaluation: Cognitive-Experiential

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    I believe that it is time to put some substance behind our measurement and evaluation of students, faculty and board members.  We know that the better schools and universities are acknowledging that we need to teach for depth, profundity, profoundness, and that means that a cognitive measurement or evaluation is not sufficient.  When measuring as you know we are wanting to quantify something or measure growth etc. but we reserve evaluation for actually knowing the depth , profundity, profoundness, implementation etc. therefore we must  whenever possible combine cognition with experiential evaluation.


    We simply cannot continue giving just true or false tests.  Even well developed multiple choice type tests are not sufficient.  We need to measure depth by essay, or allowing the person being evaluated to prove their profound knowledge of a subject in ways acceptable to the instructor. Both the teacher and student must be able to see that the knowledge is mastered.  For too many years our tests and evaluations have been cursory because they take up too much time.


    Truly we as educators, must spend as much time evaluating in-depth and we do teaching since in-depth evaluation truly is the mark of subsequent self learning.


    We know as fact with our meetings with neuroscientists and educational practitioners that  learning and memory really takes hold when we spend more time on significantly deep teaching.





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