MATERIALS: Local Revitalization Policies for Shrinking and Ageing Society - North-Central Kyoto, 29 Sept 2012 (Kyoto, Japan)




    PANEL SESSION 1: Challengesof  Demographic Change in Kyoto: Policy Responses and Regional Capacity

    Demographic change, labour markets and local development – an international OECD project

    Dr. Cristina Martinez-Fernandez, Senior Policy Analyst, OECD LEED Programme

    Dr. Tamara Weyman,OECD Demographic Change expert

    The north-central area of Kyoto Prefecture in anguish over rapid depopulation

    Prof.Hiroshi Yahagi,Rykoku University

    Key take aways from field trip: Ms Natalia Batz (Berlin University of Technology/ Germany), and Mitsuru Kawamoto (LORC)


    PANEL SESSION 2: International experiences, policies and strategies

    Mr. Pawel Chorazy, Director, Ministry of Regional Development, Poland

    Dr. Tamara Weyman, OECD expert, Australia

    Prof. Thorsten Wiechmann, University Dortmund, Germany

    Dr. Wenmeng Feng, China Development Research Foundation

    Mr. Aldert de Vries, Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations, The Netherlands

    Dr. Jasper van Loo, European Center for Vocational Education and Training, CEDEFOP 


    PANEL SESSION 3: Fostering partnerships for rich skills ecosystems in shrinking areas

    Case Study: How to manage the older worker: Case study of the NPO in North of Kyoto

    Mr. Hiroki Noguchi, Research Assistant, Ryukoku University

    Case Study: CO2 reduction through Kameoka Carbon Minus Project and revitalization of local communities

    Mr. Isao Sadamatsu, Research Assistant,Ryukoku University



    PANEL SESSION 4: Policy, education and research approaches to enhance regional capacity

    Cultivation ofthe efforts by prefectural government and ‘regional capacity’ 

    Mr. Kazuyasu Honda, Head of Policy Planning Department, Kyoto Prefecture

    What theuniversities can do as their ‘Intellectual’ contribution toward depopulatingareas?

    Prof. Kiichiro Tomino, Ryukoku University