OECD Economic Survey of Austria 2011

Version 2

    The Austrian economy has weathered the crisis well on the back of an export-led recovery. The authorities should seize the opportunity to strengthen reforms and maintain high growth, which in the past has been considerably boosted by European integration effects which are likely to fade out in the future. In this context recommendations pertaining to education from earlier OECD Economic Surveys remain relevant:


    • The work incentives of low-skilled workers should be strengthened and their cost of employment reduced. Successful up-skilling programmes should be further developed.
    • Early child care infrastructure and full-day schooling should be expanded, with recent government initiatives going in the right direction.
    • Education reforms should continue, to overcome the excessively early streaming of students, and to permit universities to select students and charge tuition fees, accompanied by a comprehensive grant and income-contingent loan system to avoid socioeconomic segregation.



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