UK 2nd Independent Report: Early Intervention: Smart Investment, Massive Savings

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    Mr Graham Allen was tasked, back in the summer of last year with looking into how government policy could best ensure that children from disadvantaged background would get a better start in life. His first report, in January of this year, recommended a series of (non-legislative) actions for more effective early-years interventions – a commitment to core principles, a rigorous search for best practice and its dissemination, use of pilot projects to test out such practice and an Early Intervention Foundation to help support this, and various other measures as part of education and families policy.


    The second report, which appeared 4 June 2011, looks at ways of paying for early interventions using new financing mechanisms (drawing on private and third sector resources), as well as how to achieve a genuine shift towards early, rather than late intervention in practical terms.


    Download the The Second Independent Report to Her Majesty’s Government Graham Allen MP: Early Intervention: Smart Investment, Massive Savings