Poll: In down economy, education key to youth jobs

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    The nation's economic upheaval has been especially hard on young people looking to start their working lives right after high school. In an Associated Press-Viacom survey, only about a third of the 18- to 24-year-olds who aren't in school say they have full-time jobs. Less than a quarter work part-time. Four in 10 are unemployed.


    About two-thirds of these young adults have a high school diploma, and the vast majority have some work experience. Nearly three-fourths say they aspire to return to the classroom someday, either for trade school or college.


    Three-fourths cite the cost as a reason they aren't in college. Almost 4 in 10 still lean on their parents or relatives for financial support. And most feel that their family's financial situation has held them back.


    See the artilce by CONNIE CASS and STACY A. ANDERSON, published in the Associated Press, April 21, 2011


    Download the responses to the The AP-Viacom Survey of Youth on Education, March, 2011, By Stanford University
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