Impact of the Internet on Bangladeshi consumers in London in the pandemic time of Covid-19.

Version 1

    The following research has focused on defining the impact of the internet on the Bangladeshi consumers in London city during the lockdown period of pandemic coronavirus and the ultimate result has shown that the factors involved in using the internet have 34% influence on the British Bangladeshi consumers living in London city only. This research has six chapters to meet four research objectives. In the first chapter, the researcher has justified research background, rationale, aims and objectives and research structure finding that during the pandemic situation, all of the countries of the world locked in their home due to the fear of spreading the highly contagious disease COVID-19 that has contributed to the drastic change around the world. The second chapter has defined the research variables to consider and found that the home delivery service with the online platform has made this platform tangible enough and believable by the target audience as the companies in the pandemic situation has served their target population with the organisational success in reaching the doorstep of the consumers; ease of reach, information access, and the opportunity of customised service are the other independent variables. The third chapter has determined the research design and suggested to conduct deductive research with the quantitative research method conducting primary research on the market from 66 respondents. The result of the frequency analysis has shown that the respondents are supporting the researcher on all points and the variables explained the changes in consumer behaviour by 34%. The discussion section has connected the literature with the result and findings and found high consistency. The last chapter has recommended the UK-based organisations to educate the customers about quality, integrate augmented reality, influencer marketing, and IMC to use for utilising this platform.

    Key words: ease of reach, influencer marketing, integration of marketing communication, brand awareness, brand advocacy, augmented reality, delivery ease, customised service, personalised experience.