Welcome to the IUCLID reporting forum

Version 23

    Aim of the IUCLID reporting forum

    The 'IUCLID reporting' forum is for IUCLID Report Template Builders, who:


    • Wish to share ideas and tips on building report templates


    • Wish to share ideas for useful new Report Templates and organise the work



    Technical assistance outside this forum

    If you wish to post a technical challenge you are facing outside of this Forum with FreeMarker or Docbook (or HTML/CSS related questions), you can 'ask a question' on Stack Overflow: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/ask


    You will need an account with Stack Overflow if you are to ask a question.


    If you post a technical question in Stack Overflow, post a new discussion in the 'IUCLID reporting' discussions page to let others know that you have posted this, with a link to the issue. To find guidance on how to post in Stack Overflow, see:instructions_stackoverflow_report_builders'