US: Trends in College Pricing 2010

Version 1

    The recession has pushed large numbers of people who would otherwise be working full-time at secure jobs into postsecondary education. Some are going to college for the first time, some are returning to complete credentials they began years ago, and some are seeking training for new careers. Colleges and universities are attempting to cut their budgets to fit the constraints of decreased revenues from state appropriations and from endowments and annual giving. Many are finding it necessary to increase their financial aid budgets in order to make it possible for students and families facing financial hardships to pay the bills.



    Trends in College Pricing 2010 describes the unwelcome increases in published college prices these circumstances have generated and adds the more encouraging information about how much students actually pay after considering increases in available grant aid. The report, published annually since 1998 by the College Board, also includes data on the wide variation in college prices, changing enrollment patterns, and institutional revenues and expenditures.


    Download the full report which is part of the Trends in Higher Education Series, published by the CollegeBoard Advocacy & Policy Center, 2010