TIP Co-creation project - draft case studies, October 2020

Version 18

    The case study contributions that are collected as part of the TIP Co-creation project are in the below table.

    Find out more about the project of the TIP Working Party on its project page.


    The documents below are preliminary draft versions for information only and not for dissemination.


    Download the case study draft documents by clicking on the case study title in the table, or on the respective attachments below.



    Case study title and link to downloadCountry
    Brusseau, Brussel Sensible à l’eauBelgium
    ASEAN Technology Transfer Center (CATTC)China
    OneSea: towards an autonomous marine ecosystemFinland
    B-com – Institute of Technological ResearchFrance
    Digital AHEAD - FraunhoferGermany
    Regional Open Innovation Platform - Open innovation challengesItaly
    AI Technology Consortium (AITC)Japan
    Co-creation for fine dust solutionKorea
    Triangulum projectNorway
    SFI Klima 2050Norway
    HSE Joint LaboratoriesRussian Federation
    Wildlabs Tech Hub: technology to end illegal wildlife tradethe United Kingdom
    Study on "The role of public innovation intermediaries in digital technology co-creation processes"research team - Caloffi et al.
    Co-creation examples from SwedenSweden


    In case of questions, please contact: laura.kreiling@oecd.org