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    Higher Education in a World Changed Utterly: Doing More with Less

    2010 OECD General Conference, Paris 13-15 September 2010

    How can universities achieve effective and efficient results at a time of greater demand with fewer resources?

    Learn how the higher education sector including governments, institutions and individuals can lead the way to sustainable recovery.



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    The Countdown Begins for the IMHE General Conference

    Social justice, globalisation and the economic crisis by Heather  Eggins Institute for Education Policy Research, Staffordshire University, UK

    The global achievement gap by Michelle Asha Cooper, Ph.D., President, Institute for Higher Education Policy (IHEP)

    Higher education reform -- everyone's doing it  by Bahram Bekhradnia, Director, Higher Education Policy Institute

    Academics’ ways of working - urgent changes needed?  by Marilyn Leask  Professor of Education Dean of Education, Sport and Tourism, University of Bedfordshire, UK

    Higher Education’s New Global Challenge by Dr. Charles B. Reed, Chancellor, The California State University, USA

    Doing More with Less? by Janyne M. Hodder, Past President, The College of The Bahamas, Member, Administrative Board, International Association of Universities

    Policymaking by Numbers? by Professor Ellen Hazelkorn Director of Research and Enterprise and Dean of the Graduate Research School, Dublin Institute of Technology

    Skilled students are the way out of the crisis, Bert Vandenkendelaere, Chairperson, European Students' Union (ESU)

    - Is Europe making the grade? OECD Insights Blog

    - The OECD & Higher Education in a World Changed Utterly, GlobalHigherEd blog

    - 'A World Changed Utterly' InsideHigherEd



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    - Push towards innovative funding methods

    - Higher education challenges in Russia, Poland

    - Recession leads MIT to consider paywall

    - Branch campuses are 'hollow shells'

    - Huge US university 'doing more with less'

    - Higher Education conference attacks rankings

    - US can learn from Bologna process

    - Changes looming in global student market

    - Universities must "play to their strengths"




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    - How higher education can help economic recovery, by Mary-Louise Kearney and Richard Yelland

    - Conference discussion paper

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    - See latest IMHE newsletter featuring the post-crisis reality for tertiary education

    UK Secretary of State's views and aspirations on Higher Education

    Lord Digby Jones calls for a radical overhaul of higher education so that universities offer more vocational courses

    Universities UK Report:The future is more than just tomorrow: Higher education, the economy and the longer term

    OECD 2009 conference on Higher Education at a Time of Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities