Useful Information

Version 12

    The following information has be provided for your convenience and to assist in your preparation to participate in the workshop.




    Documentation, methods of work and official languages

    The official language of the meeting is English. All documents should, therefore, be submitted in English only. The following deadlines and requirements apply:

    • If you are interested to make a presentation, then please provide a short abstract, including the topic under which you wish to present, as soon as possible, but no later than Monday 5 March 2018.
    • Those invited to present will be contacted directly to confirm. You will be expected to provide documentation in a suitable format for full screen presentations such as PowerPoint or PDF.  This is to be received no later than Friday 23 March 2018.
    • Presenters will have approximately 15 minutes for presenting and 5-10 minutes for discussion, depending on the session (Presenters will be contacted individually to confirm).
    • All documents should be submitted in electronic format.
    • Presentations will be uploaded to this site post workshop.
    • Further information will be provided upon arrival at the conference room which will include the detailed agenda.



    Getting here

    Map of the area around OECD Boulogne buidling, 46 Quai Alphonse le Gallo, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt.


    Public transport

    Read more here...

    For more details concerning the various transport lines, consult the RATP map ( You can also request a copy when you purchase your transport tickets. For more information concerning public transport in the Paris region, please consult the RATP website (



    Traveling to France

    Visa requirements

    European Union citizens do not need a visa to travel to France.For other travellers, depending on nationality, length and purpose of stay in France, a visa may be required.  The visa needs to be obtained before departure; for more information, please consult the French Foreign Affairs Ministry website (


    Paris airports

    There are 2 airports in the Paris area.  North of Paris is Paris Charles de Gaulle (Paris CDG) airport, the largest airport and most often used for international flights.  South of Paris is Paris-Orly  airport.  For more information concerning the airports, including public transport access, please consult the Aéroports de Paris website (


    Travelling to Paris by train

    Paris can be reached by 2 high-speed international trains:

    • Thalys - for travellers from Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands
    • Eurostar - for travellers from the United Kingdom


    More information can be found here




    This information is provided for convenience only and does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by the OECD of the services of a particular hotel. The OECD has made no verification and makes no express or implied representation as to the quality or availability of the hotel services. We suggest that you verify the nature of the services, the applicable rates and any other relevant information directly with the hotel. Read more here...



    First day arrival

    Due to additional security measures in place an electronic visitor pass will be sent to your email address one day prior to the start of the workshop. Please ensure you have this ready, either on your mobile phone or a printed copy. This is needed in order to pass through the first check-point before entering the main OECD building and security screening.


    Badges will be provided to all visitors to enable them to access the OECD building and meeting room. Please remember to have your passport or identity card ready as proof of your identity. The badges are presented at the welcome entrance desk and are to be worn at all times within the OECD building. On arrival, you must register at the reception desk to obtain your visitor's badge. You will need to bring photo identification with you to receive your badge. All badges will be printed and waiting for you. These badges will give you access to specific areas during the time and dates of the workshop.


    Please arrive well in advance of the start of your meeting to allow sufficient time for the security and registration formalities.


    Participants can start to arrive from 12pm and we suggest no later than 12.45pm. You are welcome to arrive before and use the conference center facilities to purchase refreshments ahead of the meeting.


    Please make your way to the auditorium sufficiently ahead of time before the start of the workshop at 1.30pm.  Seating will be in an auditorium style so you are free to sit where you wish except the first row, as these will be reserved for presenters and technical staff.


    Please remember to check the electronic screens located on the ground floor of the main building in case of last minute changes to the location of the meeting.



    Internet access

    The OECD has free wifi throughout the building. Connection details will be provided to participants at the start of the meeting.