Matching skills to jobs

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    OECD Forum: 26-27 May 2010
    Road to Recovery: Innovation, Jobs & Clean Growth


    Special session: Matching skills to jobs


    A new green growth model for lasting economic recovery and social progress can only work if people are ready to undertake the new jobs and manage the new technologies it creates. Innovation is at the heart of green growth, and human capital is the essence of innovation. To ensure that people and societies are ready to take up this challenge, we will need to ensure that they have the basic education and skills that can be built on to acquire new skills in a fast-evolving world. We need to be able to learn and apply new skills throughout our lives. Education and training systems will need to be revisited to ensure that they can meet these new demands.


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    Barbara Ischinger, Director for Education, OECD, New thinking, working and tools for the 21st Century


    Bob Harris, Senior Consultant to the General-Secretary, Education International who will be presenting at this session: Exit strategies, public services and democracy


    John Hope Bryant, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Operation HOPE, Inc."Education and Financial Literacy as a Business Case"


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