Version 2

    The PCSD Partnership could be expected to deliver the following outputs:


    • Policy papers analysing specific policy coherence issues in SDG implementation to inform policy dialogue and policy making.
    • High-level events and workshops facilitated by experts to share experiences on SDG implementation and PCSD.
    • Country Case Studies to identify good practices and facilitate exchange of experiences.
    • Targeted capacity building for SDG implementation and monitoring in interested countries.
    • PCSD Web-based platform for collaboration to share information, and disseminate work on policy coherence.
    • A methodology for monitoring SDG target 17:14 at the national level.
    • Tools and practical guidance to support any government interested in adapting its institutional mechanisms, policy-making processes and practices to implement the SDGs in a coherent manner.
    • Training workshops and guidance on mapping of policy interactions, institutional mechanisms and identification of national indicators to enhance PCSD.
    • A web of knowledge sharing networks on PCSD, building on existing Partner networks .


    Progress on voluntary PCSD commitments will be reported through the United Nations Partnerships for SDGs online platform. The reports will be used to inform stakeholders, partners and the High-Level Political Forum on how the PCSD Partnership is advancing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals.