• Pathway problems by importing data - exp. KOW for trend analysis ?

    I have problems importing data for LC50 96 h for O. mykiss by vertical or horizontal import.   It always results that a new path is created with 96 H (upper case) instead of 96 h (lower case) at the predifened o ...
    René Bibars-Reiter
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  • Create a new Endpoint ?

    Is there a way to create and Endpoint in the Toolbox?
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  • Manual entry of phys-chem data

    Bob,  Is there any way to manually enter phys chem values for chemicals in the Toolbox.  EpiSuite (within the Toolbox) does not provide values for all of the chemicals in my list.
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  • Error on importing IUCLID5 data to the QSAR Toolbox

    Hi All,   Trying to import the IUCLID5 data into the QSAR Toolbox, via WebServices, according to the procedure well explained in the User manual,  all works well (connection included) until I click on the G...
    Carlo Corti
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  • Updated guidance document on importing databases into the Toolbox

    We have just released an updated guidance document on importing databases into the Toolbox.   you can access it from either of the following two web pages:   http://www.oecd.org/document/54/0,3746,en_2649_...
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  • cannot import data with more than 255 characters in a field

    I'm trying to import local databases into the OECD Toolbox version 2.0.   I've encountered the problem that the Toolbox "hangs" when either the Chemical Name field or the SMILES field has 255 or more characters....
    Nils SUNDIN
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  • How to import biodegradation data?

    I'm trying to import an excel spreadsheet of biodeg data into version 2.0 of the Toolbox.   The attached Excel file specifies the headers for our biodegradation data set and one bogus record. The import was par...
    Nils SUNDIN
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  • Propriety Databases - Acceptance of data

    Hi,   As certain industries (i.e. Fragrance Companies) will have structures which may be out of domain during analysis due to lack of comparable structures within the current selection of databases, the use of p...
    Geoffrey Hynes
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  • Export Data to Excel

    Is there any way to export data from the Toolbox to Excel?
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  • Successful importation of datasets

    Hi Bob,   Thank you again for the importation manual. I have now successfully imported small sections of PhyChem/Biodeg data from my database and realised where I was making simple but very important mistakes. I...
    Geoffrey Hynes
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  • Adding Datasets to V2

    I notice that the format of the datasets in V2 is slightly different from that in V1. When importing a dataset in V2 the wizard asks for details of endpoints, rather than the user being able to specify a SIDS path wit...
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  • Question about importing local database

    Please let me know about the following two questions.   Q1: Maybe, the number of column of EXCEL is limited       since I could not open a Excel file of database.    ...
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