• grouping time

    Hello, I just have started using the QSAR toolbox v4.3.1, and try to run some chemicals. but since few days ago the grouping time is extremely slow and I have no idea what the problem is... I searched the related p...
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  • [QSAR 4.2] Can't display substances imported from IUCLID6

    Hello,     QSAR 4.2 is now installed and I've loaded susbtances from IUCLID6 (version 6.1.3) with QSAR Toolbox Server started in SingleUser mode. Import in a custom database was successful but when I try to...
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  • Database copy in V4.2

    There is a problem using the database copy utility with V4.2 of the Toolbox. When run you will get an error message, bottom left of screen to the effect that database "Toolboxv18" does not exist. In the Toolbox.Data...
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  • TB 4.1 - How to import substances from IUCLID 6 ?

    Hello,   We're currently testing QSAR Toolbox 4.1 in client-server mode and I'm wondering how to use the import function. Buttons in the client software are now available but apparently this functionnality doesn...
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  • Custom database copy ?

    Hi, in previous versions of the Toolbox there was a utility "DatabaseCopy.exe" which allowed users to incorporate their own customised database into the Toolbox. I realise that new datasets can be imported one at a ti...
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  • Error with exporting data from toolbox 4.1

    Hello,   I 'm trying to export as a data matrix a set of chemicals with their respective profilers and I consistently receiving the following error:   ========== ServerInfo END ========== ========== Err...
    Maria Sapounidou
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  • v4 of the toolbox - no .txt file import for cas numbers?

    Hi   I'm a government expert using the toolbox for both grouping/rx as well as a platform to gather and get an overview of data available for substances. I just had the IT-dep install v4 and I am cannot find whe...
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  • technical problems with version

    Dear everybody!   I updated my qsar to the last one version, but the update tool doesn't think so; of course, I restarted my pc after installation and I looked for a solution into the installation manual, but I ...
    del Pico Yolanda
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  • QSAR studies on the toolbox.

    Hi everybody, I wonder if there are databases to predict activities of known structures. I am looking for databases to predict antibacterial, antifungal, analgesic and psychotrop activities for known structures. If y...
  • Error message with TB 3.3

    Hi, I've just installed V3.3 of the Toolbox and it ran fine. I then imported my databases with the database copy tool which all went fine. When I then came to run the Toolbox again I received the attached message. O...
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  • Exporting lists of metabolites

    Hello,   I am using the QSAR toolbox solely to predict microbial and rat liver S9 metabolites, but not doing any further profiling or QSARs built into the toolbox.  Based on one of the tutorial PDFs availa...
    Marcy Card
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  • QSAR Toolbox & IUCLID 5.6 issue

    Hello guys,   I'm new on this forum, let me introduce myself, I'm working for a big chemical company as IT engineer.   We are experiencing an issue on QSAR Toolbox (v3.1 and latest version 3.2) users when ...
    Olivier S
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  • Data import from IUCLID 5.5.1 to QSAR 3.2

    Good afternoon,   When we tried to import a few IUCLID dossiers into QSAR we ran into some errors like this one : And at the end of the process the log file (attached) contained messages which seemed to mean ...
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  • Access to full computable databases of experimental metabolism data

    I would like to get the databases of experimental metabolism data in a computable format - mammalian metabolism, rat liver metabolism, rat s9 and microbial. Are tehse avaialble as a download, or do I need to extract o...
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  • Data download error form IUCLID to the Toolbox

    Good afternoon, we have imported IUCLID files (version 5.4) to the OECD Toolbox (version 3.0) to build our own database. We have used both the webservice and i5z import options and we have faced several problems: - ...
    Geneviève Deviller
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  • Bulk IUCLID Import via Webservice

    Hi All,   This is a question for those of you who use IUCLID and the Toolbox.  We currently have an internal IUCLID (v5.3) database running on a server that we have populated with many substance records....
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  • TCC failures for data imported to IUCLID from the Toolbox

    Dear Forum members, I am using the Toolbox for filling pre-identified data gaps during preparation of REACH Registration Dossiers. As a first step I use the Toolbox to fill these data gaps, and then I export relevant...
    Hulya Fuhrman
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  • database import from excel to toolbox

    Hi,   I tried to import a database with ecotoxicological data into the toolbox. The software generated a new path tree beside the existing path tree in the "ecotoxicological information". I did not find the solu...
    Timothée DEBENEST
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  • Applicability of QSAR Toolbox to IUCLID?

    Can I use the toxicity data generated from QSAR Toolbox for REACH purpose in IUCLID? If yes, then how? what fields I need to mention in IUCLID?
    Pawan Arora
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  • Proprietary Central Database Importation Excel File

    Hi Bob et al,   Please find attached as promised at the OECD (Q)SAR Toolbox Workshop a MS Excel file which contains the column headers currently used at Givaudan for our central database.   This file also ...
    Geoffrey Hynes
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