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The information, documents or articles or any other form of written statement published on this website/blog have been posted by users of the OECD QSAR Toolbox and have not been reviewed by the Organisation. Information, documents or articles or any other form of written statement published on this website/blog do not necessarily represent the official views of the Organisation or of the governments of its member countries.  The Organisation cannot be held responsible for possible violations of copyright resulting  from the posting of any written material on this website/blog.

The views expressed on this site are those of the individuals posting them and not necessarily those of their home institution.

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The OECD Public Internet Site (Toolbox download, Guidance documents, Training material)


The new dedicated site: (Toolbox download, Guidance documents)


The Laboratory of Mathematical Chemistry (Toolbox download, Guidance documents, Training material, Training opportunities)


The International (Q)SAR Foundation (Training opportunities)

Welcome to the OECD QSAR Toolbox Discussion Forum

On this web site, you can:

  • exchange experience with using the QSAR Toolbox (tips and tricks),
  • seek guidance,
  • exchange databases,
  • exchange user defined profilers and QSARs, and
  • make suggestions for improvements.


The Toolbox can help you find adequate analogues to build a chemical category as well as to establish the arguments to build a category rationale (e.g. similarity of mechanisms of action, similarity of structural functional groups etc.). Specific guidance can be found in the Guidance Document for Using the OECD (Q)SAR Application Toolbox to Develop Chemical Categories According to the OECD Guidance on Grouping of Chemicals.



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Please Note:


The chemical category concept is used in several existing legislations for different purposes in different countries. It should be noted that each of those legislations have their own reporting requirements and the acceptance for different purposes might differ. Please note that the Toolbox does not overrule any of those purposes and reporting requirements. It should also be noted that the programmes mentioned above have requirements regarding the quality of the experimental data used for read-across and trend analysis and that the experimental results stored in the Toolbox will have to be verified by the user against those requirements. Users are encouraged to consult the guidance documents for the different legislations. Discussions on regulatory acceptance and legislation-specific procedures on this web site are discouraged.

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