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This is a web discussion and sharing space aimed at guiding participating countries.


Useful OECD documents:

Smart Specialisation Project (click here for the OECD document).

Smart Specialisation Progress Report (click here)




Main tools available:

  • Discussion space: which is structured by topics (every member can contribute to existing debates or open new ones).
  • Documents sharing: also structured by topic (every member can download documents or upload new ones).





  • Lead Countries: Austria, Belgium (Flanders). Finland (Noth Karelia, Lahti Region), South Korea.
  • Other countries: Australia, Czech Republic (South Moravian Region), Estonia, Germany (Brandenburg), Poland (Małopolska), Spain (Andalusia, Basque Country and Murcia), Netherlands (Brainport Eindhoven), Turkey (East Marmara), and the UK (West Midlands),
  • Institutions: OECD, ECOOM, European Commission (IPTS, DG Regio)

    Structure of the project

    Workshops: the development of the project will be structured by three workshops:
    • First workshop: 22-24 November 2011, Seville, Spain
    • Second workshop: 28-29 March, Linz, Austria
    • Thrid workshop: 10-11 May 2012, Paris, France
    • High Level meeeting:High level joint EU-OECD Seminar for Smart Specialisation
    • Outreach workshop: 3-5 April 2013, Gwangju, Korea



    Key Areas of Work - The discussion section is reserved for documents/outputs related to the OECD project.

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    General documents: You are kindly invited to upload interesting documents related to Smart Specialisation.

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