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2 Posts tagged with the multinational tag
Contribution by BIAC Secretary General Tadahiro Asami to the OECD Global Standard Blog18 August 2009 The business community welcomes the discussion to develop a Global Standard, now referred to as the “Lecce Framework”, initiated by Italian Finance Minister Tremonti and recently supported by the G8 and the OECD. In our view, the OECD has a leading role to play in this process.The Lecce Framework initiative reflects serious concern over the magnitude and global nature of the current...    MORE
John Evans, General Secretary TUAC (Trade Union Advisory Committee to the OECD) The Report of the Finance Ministers’ Deputies to the G8 Finance Ministers meeting, held in Lecce in June 2009, called for “a rethinking of the foundations of the global economic and financial system” in the light of the “worst crisis since the Great Depression”. Given the appalling human cost of the crisis - a probable 60 million more people unemployed globally and an extra 230 million pushed...    MORE