The Netherlands welcomes the Lecce Framework and would like to congratulate the Italian government with this very timely initiative. With the current financial and economic crisis the world finds itself at the crossroads.


On the one hand the globalisation of markets is an enormous force for worldwide wealth creation.


On the other hand this market driven process is insufficiently balanced by global governance.


Therefore it fails to meet basic needs of certainty, equity and sustainability. As a consequence public support for open markets for trade and investment could fade away. The Lecce Framework recognizes that in today’s world there is no alternative to globalisation as a motor for growth and employment worldwide. It also considers that the interests of individual market players can coincide with those of the world community. This would demand that all actors live up to fundamental norms of propriety, integrity and transparency in economic relations. The Netherlands fully endorses the philosophy behind the Lecce Framework and is ready to co-operate with the Italian government to ensure its early implementation. This major contribution to turn the globalisation process into a win-win development deserves global support!


René Van Hell (Deputy Director, Directorate General for Foreign Economic Relations, Ministry of Economic Affairs)