Even as we continue to perpetuate our respective national identities as Italians, Germans, English, or Americans, we must now take account of globalization in all its forms and the degree to which eroding national boundaries increase our identities as citizens of one community on planet Earth.  The movement toward Global Standards, in business, in politics, and in society, is both an acknowledgment of that common community and the recognition that we all share a responsibility to the global commons.  The 21st century is an age in which those things that unite us and that we share in common are now much greater than differences that have divided us for many centuries.  We have a common interest in security, in climate, in conservation of finite resources, in human rights, and most of all in the future of our children.  Our common humanity can only be pursued if we subscribed to common standards of propriety, transparency, and most of all integrity in all that we do.  We owe this much to ourselves and we owe much more to future generations.


Gary Hart

University of Colorado

U.S. Senator (Ret.)