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By Kanayo Nwanze, President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) The global food security crisis of 2008 led to a new and interesting development wherein land poor countries began to acquire large tracts of land in land-rich countries to invest in food production for their domestic markets. This phenomenon has often been labelled as “land grabs” and a number of commentators have pointed to the danger such investment may pose to poor farmers in developing countries.[1]...    MORE

Hard rules vs. soft rules

Posted by John Haskell Jul 9, 2009
Here, I want to very briefly draw out and expand on certain themes that may prove critical in pushing forward a more sustainable, egalitarian global economic framework.  First, 'hard' rules will not necessarily lead to determined outcomes.  Unlike a force that may produce an effect in nature, rules do not by themselves lead somewhere, regardless of whether people follow them or not.  In other words, a rule has no prior determination or meaning outside of a regular practice of action,...    MORE