A test the whole world can take…


It’s a breathtaking concept – but for the OECD it’s a very real way of finding out how well-prepared today’s students are to participate fully in society. If you’ve never heard of the Programme for International Student Assessment – PISA – and you’ve got about 12 minutes to spare, grab a comfortable chair. PISA – Measuring student success around the world is a playful primer on the world’s most comprehensive and rigorous survey of student performance.


This video will help you to understand why the OECD’s number-crunchers trigger such intense debate about the state of education around the world every time they release the results of the latest PISA survey. You’ll discover some interesting facts about how 15-year-olds learn and how the best education systems teach them. And you can even test your own ability to calculate the number of ingredients required to create the perfect pizza.


So take this animated tour of PISA. You’ll learn a lot—and you won’t be tested on any of it!