Performance reviews. We’ve all had them in some form in our life. A grade, a review from a boss, or even constructive feedback from a friend. The latest report on the school system in Mexico Improving School: Strategies for Action in Mexico is like a performance review “plus.” The report provides strategy to improve schools in Mexico along with 15 concrete recommendations to support progress. A roadmap to school success.

Why Mexico? An agreement between the OECD and the Government of Mexico represented by the Mexican Ministry of Education (Secretaría de Educación Pública, SEP) was established to support the design and implementation of education policy reforms to improve the quality and equity of the education system. The report, just released today, was developed with new OECD methodology to support education policy and exchange across countries.

The recommendations for Mexico’s system can serve as a model for reforms around the world since the report provides a framework on the conditions for success in across countries. The recommendations provide information on:

  • Improving school effectiveness through school management and leadership by setting national standards
  • School autonomy
  • Stable and adequate funding
  • Professional hiring and training procedures
    For every policy recommendation, the report reviews research and best practices in other countries including Canada and England.

Any traveler knows, a map isn’t useful unless someone follows it. One of the key successes of the report has been the tremendous involvement and engagement with stakeholders in Mexico and around the world. OECD staff working in Mexico and Paris worked extensively with key stakeholders to make sure that the report reflected what really happens on the ground. And it won’t just stop with the report release. A series of workshops have been designed to help policymakers, teachers, parents and even students develop the necessary knowledge to implement the recommendations for education reform in Mexico.


With every journey, it’s wise to have a plan. The newest report is a helpful reference for Mexico’s road to education reform. No compass needed.


For more about the  joint initiative of the OECD Directorate for Education and the Mexican Secretariat of Public Education, Secretaría de Educación Pública - SEP, aiming to improve the quality of education in Mexico, go to the Calidad Educativa/Quality Education website


See also the Spanish version of the book - Mejorar las escuelas: Estrategias para la acción en México