OECD to launch an innovative new technology, “Raise Your Hand” to survey the world (yes, the world!) on how people prioritize global education issues.


Who would have expected that the rise of the Google search engine would have made the word “algorithm” cool? In a world with endless streams of data, computer algorithms that help organizations sort through the data “noise” are hot these days and just keep getting hotter. The OECD is once again on the cutting edge with the launch of a new crowdsourcing initiative, “Raise Your Hand,” to poll people from all corners of the globe.


Part survey and part focus group, the tool will allow the OECD to find out what’s important in education by asking you to rank education ideas as well as submit your own for others to rank. The top five ideas will be presented at the OECD Education Ministerial meeting on November 4, 2010.


The technology behind Raise Your Hand, called "All Our Ideas", was developed by a propitious mix of sociologists and computer scientists at Princeton University. Professor of Sociology Matthew Salganik collaborated with computer science graduate students to develop the tool, which is now being used by hundreds of organizations around the world.


“All Our Ideas" is a tool that allows groups to collect and prioritize ideas in a way that is democratic, open, and efficient. By combining a voting system with the open uploading of ideas, it provides the quantifiability of a survey with the openness of a focus group,” said Salganik.


Try it out, you might just have the next Big Idea!

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