week we had a very encouraging and uplifting visit form the Mexican Fundación Proacceso Eco A.C.







Fundación Proacceso Eco works to change and improve the personal, social and economic development of members of low-income communities in Mexico. Using innovative education platforms that operate information and communication technology, they are doing very interesting and ground-breaking work.  They believe it is possible to stimulate economic growth and bridge the digital divide in Mexico through the development of computer and Internet skills, productivity skills and professional skills, and in turn improve the quality of life for the program’s participants.



After their first year in operation they have proven to be already very successful with now over 50,000 users.  The technical training and e-learning courses fit all ages and levels of education. They have 45% of youth taking courses such as in computer literacy, English fluency and 55% of adults with teaching lessons including Microfinance, Basic Accounting and English etc. and are also developing and implementing new e-learning platforms.

So having big expansion plans for the coming years to increase rapidly the number of centres, luckily they are of the  environmentally friendly kind, as they build modular type of block buildings made from recyclable materials. The technological infrastructure is Open Source software  They believe in a philosophy of sharing computers so 100 people per computer, but what is really interesting is that way that they review and monitor all the students’ progress and evaluate their results as well as offering personalised support.



They were pleased to learn about joint initiative “Calidad Educativa/Quality Education" between the OECD Directorate for Education and the Mexican Secretariat of Public Education, Secretaría de Educación Pública - SEP, which aims at improving the quality of education in Mexico. Read more here. 






Among other interesting and innovative aspects of their work is the fact that they have put in place a very solid tracking system might be of interest for some of our future CERI (Centre for Educational Research and Innovation) research projects on Innovation Strategy for Education and the New Millennium Learners.





One of the Fundación Proacceso’s financial and technical sponsors is ENOVA, and Jorge Camil, Coordinator of Technology and Education of Enova was here at the 2010 OECD Forum, watch his short YouTube video here..



The Director Aleph Torres  President, Fundación Proacceso, Mexico was also a discussant at the OECD Forum in the session on Thursday 27 May 2010 Matching skills to jobs  11:30–13:15: You may review the Webcast here




These young and dynamic entrepreneurs are putting policy into practical and positive practice. They are reaching out to the areas that need education and making sure that they are meeting the needs of the local people. We thank them for showing us a concrete example of how progress is really made.



Gracias Fundación Proacceso Eco, you are an inspiration