I was surprised to learn that Hungary is not effectively producing enough higher qualified people and that expected growth rates for the coming years are lower than what they need.  So I think a proposal to increase Lifelong learning seems to make very good sense.




  • Lifelong learning provides alternative routes and second chances..
  • Innovating learning will be critical for the construction of the knowledge-intensive and innovative post-crisis economy
  • Lifelong learning is not (only) about the participation of adults, but about redesigning the learning patterns of learners in a different way
  • Lifelong learning is not only about beautiful principles, values and rhetoric
    – So, let’s look at realities, evidence and data…..
    Growth in university-level qualifications.ppsx




Watch this presentation given by Dirk Van Damme Innovating Higher Education-Hungary 29 April 2009.pdf




So,  the overall message is that stronger lifelong learning policies and practices in higher education can help to improve and strengthen its economic effectiveness, its social role and its impact on value change in a modernising society. Well, at least there is a solution and that is always good news.


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Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI):  www.oecd.org/edu/ceri